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Botoplexx is all in one hair treatment which has fusion of 3 things Botox, collagen and plex. Botox (works as anti-agening) collagen (works as reparing), Plex (works on hair breakage)

Keratin works on cuticle layer of hair and works as lamination agent on hair. Where as Botoplexx works on cortex layer of hair  crossing 21 amino acid chains and fill the individual fiber and gives repairing from inside out, and works on hair breakage as well.

Botoplexx treatment is a 3 in 1 treatment rather than a straightener it more focus on reparing and providing protiene to hair, and works on hair breakage and inside cortex layer of the hair. (it gives 100% relax look, 100% repairs broken bonds, 100% stops hair breakage)

The Botoplexx Treatment will last up to 50-55 washes. It is important to use the After Care Products on a daily basis to maximize the result.

Yes. Same day wash is possible.

No, it’s formal dehyde free treatment.

Yes. It has a powerful actives which allow same day hair color instantly after the treatment.

No. Your hair will maintain it’s natural volume and can be curled and rounded brushed.

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