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How to hold your hair against humidity

We all have different weather preferences, but there isn’t a single person who appreciates any level of humidity. It’s not only sticky and unpleasant, but it can also cause serious hair problems. Even the most neatly tied and blow-dried styles become frizzy disasters when confronted with a particularly humid day. When your hair comes into contact with moisture, it returns to its natural state. Because humidity is a high degree of moisture in the air, any wave or texture will begin to coil up. We typically refer to it as frizz since humidity mostly affects fine hairs or shorter pieces with less weight to repel moisture.

There’s nothing wrong with a little seasonal frizz and volume, but if you want to avoid the extra poof and ensure your groomed hairs aren’t damaged between seasons, we listed some techniques to hack the humidity with some aid from the team of hair care professionals at Beauty Garage.

Hair wash with cold water

Warm showers are probably ideal, but dermatologists and hairstylists both believe that colder temperatures are better for your hair and skin. You don’t have to go ice-cold, but cooling down your shower to the coldest temperature you can bear can close your hair scales tighter, enhancing glossiness and manageability. Even if it’s the very last thing you do, run the water through your hair from roots to ends before getting out of the shower to make post-shower styling easier

Ionic hair dryer

Make sure your hair is absolutely dry before you step out of your house. And for this, air drying is preferable because some blow dryers release intense heat that causes puffiness in the hair, making it more prone to frizz when you step outside. There is another option if you simply do not have the time in the morning. Ionic hair dryers emit millions of negatively charged ions, which break down positively charged water molecules without opening up the hair shafts, resulting in smoother, sleeker hair. There are hair dryers that detect real-time hair moisture levels and automatically adjust damaging heat and optimize airflow to prevent excessive hair and scalp damage.

Moisturize your hair

Dry hair is more vulnerable to humidity, nourishing and moisturizing it will make it less thirsty for the water in the air. In addition to utilizing a hydration shampoo and conditioner combo, post-shower leave-in conditioners can help seal in hydration. Remember to incorporate hair oils in your styling routine; they not only nourish the hair but also aid to reduce frizz. A nourishing oil that imparts a glossy sheen without feeling oily.

Microfiber towels

A microfiber hair towel to prevent frizziness from the start. Regular towels pick up your hair strands, causing breakage and damage, whereas a soft, microfiber fabric is soothing. Microfiber also dries your hair faster. Including one in your routine will result in softer, more voluminous hair with more bounce and fewer split ends

A bit of heat for smooth hair

If your hair tends to poof up as it dries, use a heated tool to smooth it as sleekly as possible. Simply apply a heat protectant first to avoid damage. The added heat will aid in removing the natural curling tendency. It will be much more difficult to revert once the heat has cooled and locked in your design. If you’re searching for a quick cure, blow-dry brushes are ideal for styling, drying, and reducing frizz all at the same time.

Protective layer over your hair

Anti-humidity sprays are the real thing; they work wonders. Applying smoothing products, such as hair milks, leave-in conditioners, gels, and serums, may take a few more minutes before leaving the house, but they form a barrier between the hair and moisture in the atmosphere. They operate by forming a protective barrier around the hair shaft, preventing your hair from expanding and frizzing up when exposed to dampness.

There are so many things that you could implement in your hair care routines that could help you prevent your hairs from humidity, and we can only do so little, but it’s best to try and figure out what works best for you.

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