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How water treats your hair

It’s not always the product that is to blame. Sometimes the solution to the problem comes from looking deep inside it and trying to understand it. If you feel like your hair is losing its health feeling dry, dull, and damaged, and you might have tried “n” number of hair care products but nothing changes, then this might be your water. 

Generally, we overlook these things we don’t pay attention to the water we use in the showers, obviously. But what if we told you that if you look closely, you might know what’s the problem? Your hair problems might be the consequence of excess mineral build-up resulting from the usage of hard water. Hard water can cause your hair a great deal of damage, it takes away the manageability, the moisture, and the luster you once loved.  Hard water can really go hard on your hair, but we can get past this, if we take care of certain things treating your hair with hard water can be neutralized to your hair’s benefit. 

But water, How?

As you might have anticipated after considering that last section, the most serious issue for those who use hard water is the build-up it can cause on both our hair and our scalps. Excess minerals can not only weigh down your hair, making it appear flattened and dull, but it can also make your strands feel harsher and more fragile, which could only lead to one thing; Frizzy & damaged hair. Hard water is also infamous for interfering with hair color, leading it to become lifeless, pale, and even discolored in certain situations. Long-term exposure to hard water may also cause it to become less manageable and more damaged, which is bad news for your hair.

What’s the bad news? 

Hard water can cause many hair problems, among which are mentioned below:

  • Hair Breakage 
  • Thinning of hair 
  • Frizzy hair 
  • Dry & itchy scalp 
  • Dull hair 

These issues may look & feel normal in the start, but can cause a real problem to your fine & flawless hair. You experience dryness and breakage and the next thing you know your hair health is deteriorating and there is zero growth. Many lose hair strength, which leads to extensive hair breakage, making your hair fragile and weak. Hard water can also cause severe hair loss if not taken care of on time. 

What to do? 

Clarifying shampoo 

Clarifying shampoo is a boon for protecting your hair from damage caused by hard water. The shampoo can revive your hair of all the damage while repairing them. It removes the excess mineral build-up and restores your hair health. Clarifying shampoos are not only good for hair treated with styling products. It can do wonders for your hair against hard water too. 

A Hair Mask 

Your hair could make a lot of difference against the hard water fight with just a hair mask too. Hair masks restore moisture and nourish them. Every once or twice little massage could transform your hair back to being a lock of luster. You can also use a leave-in conditioner to make them feel soft by locking out minerals and retaining enough moisture. 

Perhaps your shower head – Get a water softener shower head 

Turning hard water soft makes a lot of difference. Unlike hard water, soft water is only enough rich in minerals. The concentration is next to nil, making it appropriate for your hair. Having a water softener is clearly a bonus for your hair, but it might weigh you down instead, with costs.

There are other home remedies too out in the world but have no research proving that it helps more than the damages it deals with. Hard water is a very unknown cause, the water that your hair is treated with is always overlooked and this may lead to some serious problems. 

Try shifting to clarifying shampoo, Beauty Garage’s range of products have protein-rich cleansing shampoos that could help you treat your hair against hard water.

Let’s treat our hair better with Beauty Garage

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