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Misconceptions & myths about hair

Hair is a highly personal matter, we all have unique textures, lengths, and complexities that accommodate for our individual tastes. This is what differentiates and beautifies each person’s hair. Your hair speaks volume about you, some choose to make dramatic changes, a decision for liberation rather than boldness. Hair is more than just strands out of our heads; it defines who we are as people.

While defining hair in a single category is not feasible, we’ve heard from hair care professionals that there are some broad, frequently perpetuated “hair myths” that need to be debunked, all in the name of having the best hair possible.

Take a look at the typical misconceptions we have for our hair:

You need moisture for dry hair
This is the most common misconception. You should use haircare products that lubricate and smooth hair to help make it feel moistened, but they don’t have to be actual moisture. Moisture weakens your hair, causes it to frizz, and damages your style.

To explain it to you in simple terms, on days when humidity is high, there is so much moisture in the air, and it doesn’t feel good, right? That’s what too much moisture does to your hair.

If you are really looking for a way to moisturize your hair into something that’s strong, soft, smooth, and easy to style, that’s where Beauty Garage’s Shea Butter or Shea hair oil comes in. It goes beyond moisture and gives you healthy, beautiful hair.

All heating tools are bad
Using hair dryers frequently is a bad thing for your hair, we don’t disagree to that but with the right technology and innovation in hair care industry, it is now to use heat for the well-being of your hair. With the latest tools, now you can control the heating temperatures. These new age heating tools come advanced with sensor technology that regulates the temperature and moisture of your hair and adapts temperature settings automatically to help avoid damage.

Conditioner is always good
Abundance of conditioner can cause hair to become brittle. Spray conditioners are excellent for dealing with the problem, all you have to do is coat your strands. Heavier products can reduce the bounce, movement, and shape of your kinks and curls. Instead of densely coating strands and weighting hair down, we suggest spraying conditioners so that the goodness can be easily absorbed by the hair.

Figuring curl pattern and hair type is all it takes for knowing your hair care
People frequently ask how to determine their hair type or what products are best for their hair type. It’s not as crucial as you believe! Of fact, hair types differ, but the variance between individual curl patterns is minor and does not necessarily determine how you should care for your hair.

Most people have a mix of distinct curl patterns on their heads. Other features of your hair, like as density, porosity, and strand size, also makes a big difference and influence how you should care for it.

Ridding one grey hair invites two grey hairs
This misconception most likely arose because grey hairs appear gradually, and if you notice one, you’ll notice more and more. There is no benefit to plucking a grey hair and having two grow back because each strand is only linked to one hair follicle.

Keratin is always good
Remember, Excessiveness is always bad. Keratin is a stabilizing substance. When the structural integrity of a fiber as thin as a hair strand is overbuilt, it becomes hard and brittle, and it snaps even more quickly than if it had been left in a weakened state. So too much of keratin is bad for your hair but then always planned and evaluated application and usage does do good for your hair.

With these many people around the globe trying different things and different & unique hair types, misconceptions and myths are supposed to birthed but with an apt knowledge about your hair and regular analysis of how your hair feels you can attain flawless hair. It’s not an impossible task.

Explore Beauty Garage’s wide range of hair care products formulated to best fit your hair care routine and treats your hair for a better health.

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