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Beauty Garage Shea Retention Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner 750ml Pack


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Shea Retention Therapy Shampoo : Beauty Garage Professional’s Shea Retention Shampoo is developed using Shea oil complex that softens your hair. It is naturally rich in Keratin and amino acids to enhance hair texture, hair strength, and leaves your hair silky soft, healthier, and radiant. It is completely color-safe.Shea Retention Treatment Shampoo Shampoo With Shea Oil Complex Softens your Hair with Naturally Rich Keratin. The Amino Acid-Infused Formula Enhances Hair Texture, Adds Extra Strength, and Leaves Your Hair Silky Soft, It is Color-Safe.

Shea Retention Therapy Conditioner : Beauty Garage Professional’s Shea Retention Therapy Conditioner softens your hair while creating a protective layer that seals split ends. Our formula incorporates oil extracts that rejuvenate your hair and boost its texture, while amino acids infused formula adds extra strength. Shea Retention Treatment Conditioner Softens your Hair more than ever before. Our Product Creates a Protective Layer That Seals Split Ends. Our Formula Incorporates Oil Extracts that Rejuvenate Your Hair and Boost Its Texture, Whilst the Amino Acids Add Extra Strength.


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