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BG Botoliss Pro 100 Treatment


Key Ingredients
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The Botoliss is a versatile, effective and progressive straightening that guarantees the total smoothness for all hair types. Its formula is based on active biodegradable ingredients from Amazon Forest, which restores nutrients and strengthens hair. Its Tribological complex conditions and protects hair strands from the friction created by flats irons, and strongly reduces hair frizz and volume, making it smooth and silky.

Active Ingredients:

GLYOXYLOLY KERATIN AMINO ACIDS – Modifying the chemical structure of the hair, allowing it to be set in the style required. (Semi – permanent hair straightening)

GLYOXYLOLY CARBOCYSTEINE – It helps to straighten and smooth the hair, while also strengthening and protecting it.

How to Use:

Step 1: Wash the hair with Botoliss Shampoo, rinse and blast dry 100%. Step 2: Divide the hair in 4 equal parts and apply Botoliss Treatment section by section.
Step 3: Clean Wrap and then Wait 50-60 minutes.
Step 4: Remove 50% of the product with Clean water. Tips: Use 300ml of water to Rinse. Step 5: Blast dry 100% and use round brush to blow dry section by section.
Step 6: Use flat iron in thin sections. Tips: Virgin Hair: 230°C (15-20 strokes) Colored hair: 210°C
(10-12 strokes) Sensitized hair: 170-190°C (8-10 strokes)
Step 7: On wet hair apply the Botoliss mask & wait 5 minutes. then rinse.
Step 8: Apply Botoliss hair serum on 50% wet hair,then blast-dry 100% then apply gloss spray.

Home Care:

Use botoliss Shampoo, mask, hair serum and gloss spray to long last the treatment effect.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

1000ml, 100ml


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