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BG Botosmart Hair Botox Treatment 1000mL


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Botosmart Organic Treatment that combines the highest technology, L-Agginine and organic actives for maximum smooth effect. Creates an antioxidant protective film on the hair to intensify the nourishing thermal seal, penetrates the fiber cuticle, nourishes from root to ends, and promotes rejuvenation, health, shine, strength and a world-class smoothness result. Completely Formaldehyde-Free and adaptable to perfectly perform on all hair types, specially blonde and colored hair with the anti-yellow technology.

Active Ingredients :
Aminoacids Nanoplasty – Developed with L-Arginine, Alanine, Serine, Valine, Proline, Threonine, Isoleucine, Histidine and Phenylalanine, Botosmart Provides hair with a blend of proteins and amino acids that result in high-performance straightening, hair bulb nutrition.

Violet Color Shielding – With state-of-art product development technology, the formula is infused with a violet nanomolecular color protection technology, with toning action to provide perfect straightness and complete color maintenance in bleached hair.


1. Wash the hair with Shampoo, rinse and dry 100%
2.Divide the hair in 6 equal parts and apply the Protein on each part.
3. Wait 40 minutes for thin hair or 1 hour for thick hair
4. Wash 60% of the product just with water
5. Blow dry 100% of the hair.
6. Flat iron in fine locks of hair
7. Wet the hair apply the Mask and wait 5 minutes, wash apply Conditioner and wash again. 8. Blow-dry the hair or let it dry naturally


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