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What makes Shea Butter the marvel For hair care

We frequently find ourselves in the search for products with components that promise to restore softness, shine and luster to the lifeless locks. But the quest for silky, smooth hair has come to an end with Beauty Garage’s latest innovation. Have you ever heard of Shea butter? A frequent chemical included in bath and body products. Its hydrating and moisturizing properties may make dry skin feel smooth and silky.

But what if we told you that shea butter could have the similar effect on your hair as well? It’s time to incorporate Shea butter into your hair care routine and let it handle your dry, tough, and frizzy hair. 

Shea Retention Series, to treat your hair better.

What is Shea Butter  

Shea butter is an extract made from the shea nuts of the Karite tree in the depths of forests of Africa. It is an excellent element for not only our skin but also for our hair. This nourishing component is commonly referred to as “mother nature’s conditioner” due to its nourishing, moisturizing, and healing properties.

Shea butter has been a regularly used ingredient in most African households for generations. They were found in food, skin balms, traditional remedies, and hair care products. Because of these multi-beneficial characteristics, shea butter has played a significant role in the development of Shea Retention Treatment

Benefits of Shea Butter 

Reduces Scalp Irritation

The thick and creamy texture of Shea Butter is a boon for a flaky and itchy scalp. Shea butter, because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics, decreases dryness when applied to the scalp. Shea butter, an old method of treating scalp problems, gets absorbed smoothly and does not clog your scalp.

Protects against heat damage

If you frequently use heating tools for hairstyling, you probably understand how essential it is to protect your hair from heat damage. Shea Butter acts as a natural heat protectant, forming a barrier around your hair strands and protecting them from heat damage. It’s easily absorbed, keeping your hair from feeling greasy and providing it a healthy shine.

Fixes split ends & frizzy hair 

Nobody loves damaged and frayed ends, especially when the only method to get rid of them is to cut the hair shorter. Though split ends cannot be restored, they can be made to look healthier and protected from additional harm. Shea butter, when applied to the ends of your hair, hydrates and nourishes the strands and keeps the extra moisture away while boosting the appearance of your hair to give you frizz-free hair.

Softens the hair

Shea butter is essential for sealing in moisture that has been lost over time. Shea Butter acts as a natural conditioner, deeply moisturizing your hair and leaving it feeling silky smooth.

UV protection for hair

Shea butter provides an adequate quantity of SPF, which can protect your hair from sun damage, though excessive sun exposure can cause discoloration, especially if you have color-treated hair.

Beauty Garages’s Shea Retention Treatment is formulated using extensive research conducted by our expert teams to give your hair a soft, silky, smooth, and a healing feeling. It is the only hair care treatment that has innovated a way to retain or regain 18 MEA, the carbon chain present in your hair that is responsible for keeping extra moisture away. 

Shea Series paired with AIS technology, targeted approach and sustained release does wonder for your hair. AIS technology identifies damaged parts while it targets healing those. The shea Treatment is encapsulated in a gelatin sheath that is released slowly after the treatment is complete, onto the damaged parts of your hair.

Shea Retention Series 

SHEA Retention Treatment Shampoo

Shea Retention Treatment Shampoo contains Shea Oil complex, a natural source of keratin that softens your hair. Infused with amino-acid, Shea retention treatment shampoo boosts your hair texture, adds extra strength, and leaves your hair silkily soft, healthier, radiant, and color-safe.

Shea Retention Treatment Conditioner 

Shea Retention Treatment Conditioner softens your hair like no other. Our product forms a protective coating that helps to seal split ends. Our composition contains oil extracts that revitalize and improve the texture of your hair, while amino acids give strength.

Shea Retention Treatment Butter

Shea retention treatment butter is developed from an advanced Shea-nut-sourced formula that treats, repairs, and rejuvenates your hair from roots to tips. It contains vitamins A, E, and F, as well as amino acids and keratin, which stimulate the development of important proteins that soften, nourish, and strengthen hair.

Shea Retention Hair Oil 

Shea-Oil-formulated Retention Treatment Oil offers a for repairing your hair. Shea Oil coats your hair and leaves it silkily soft, shiny, and optimally moisturized. It is naturally rich in vitamins and amino acids, which penetrate deeper into the hair cuticles to repair and rejuvenate your hair from the roots. Our unique formula is very light and is quickly absorbed. Even after your very first use, your hair will be so soft and radiant.

Shea Injector 

Shea injector, is the result of long, exclusive research to refine the top layer of Shea Butter. This layer is rich in natural keratin, amino acids, and proteins. Our exclusive faultless hair solution also includes specific polymers that provide a comprehensive, intense treatment for nourishing and restoring your hair from roots to tips.

Shea retention Series is designed to treat, restore and rejuvenate dry, frizzy, and damaged hair flawlessly. A high concentration of Shea Butter, rich in vitamins A, E, & F, amino acids, and keratin ensures smoothening, shining, flexibility, and radiance of hair whilst the amino acids boost the essential proteins for repairing the damages. 

Let’s Treat your hair better with Shea Retention Treatment 

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