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Finding the right hair care part-1

Discovering the right hair carePart 1 You may believe that treating hair is simple and that choosing hair care is a breeze, right? However, with so many hair care treatments and companies fraudulently pushing haircare procedures, it’s difficult to tell what’s correct and what’s not. You have nothing to worry about with Beauty Garage’s vow […]

Finding the right hair care part-2

Part 2 The first step is to understand your hair type, followed by its porosity degree, and finally, the ideal products to use. Seems simple enough, doesn’t it? Not so much with millions of things on the market. It might be difficult to know where to begin, and you may give up before even starting […]

How to hold your hair against humidity

We all have different weather preferences, but there isn’t a single person who appreciates any level of humidity. It’s not only sticky and unpleasant, but it can also cause serious hair problems. Even the most neatly tied and blow-dried styles become frizzy disasters when confronted with a particularly humid day. When your hair comes into […]

The right tools for taking care of your hair

Whether you enjoy experimenting with your hair or want to get salon-style blowouts at home, you’ll need the correct tools. We examined the world of hair tools to uncover a few must-haves in your style arsenal, from blow-dryers to detangling brushes. Without the proper styling products and tools, your beachy waves could go from bouncy […]

Misconceptions & myths about hair

Hair is a highly personal matter, we all have unique textures, lengths, and complexities that accommodate for our individual tastes. This is what differentiates and beautifies each person’s hair. Your hair speaks volume about you, some choose to make dramatic changes, a decision for liberation rather than boldness. Hair is more than just strands out […]

Right hair oil for your hair

The Ultimate Guide to Right Hair Oil Do you remember the good old days, back when we were kids our grandmothers and mothers used to massage hair oil, and you would sit for hours asking her not to stop? Those were the days of good hair until one day you stopped oiling your hair and […]

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