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Healthy Scalp with simple Anti-Aging hair tips

Skin is the not only part that exhibits characteristics of ageing. Ageing affects hormones and other functionalities of the body. These changes lead to changes in hair color, texture, hair growth and volume. This hair changes should be treated with care and right hair care routine for lustrous, voluminous, and healthy hair. Below are some of the air care tips that could come to you handy while treating your ageing hair.

1. Choose the right hair cut
Often people complain about hair thinning, it’s a recursive issue that is mentioned by everyone earlier or late. If hair thinning is also one of your concerns, ask your hair stylist to give you a shorted hair cut. This will make your hair look cool and give it a voluminous look. If you like keeping your hair long, try getting a hair-cut with long layers. Trimming often, as much as once every 5-7 weeks, could keep your hair healthy.

2. A balanced diet
Good diet is not only good for your hair health, it boosts your overall health. As time goes by, you may encounter various health issues directly or indirectly related to nutritional deficiencies. Lack of essential nutrients like iron, zinc, selenium, vitamins A, D, E, proteins and antioxidants can lead to hair loss Hair loss can be caused by a lack of critical nutrients such as iron, zinc, niacin, essential fatty acids, selenium, vitamins A, D, E, folic acid, biotin, proteins, amino acids, and antioxidants. Consuming a proper, balanced diet with intake of supplements can help you boost your hair health.

3. Moisturizing your hair health
You need to keep your hair moisturized in order to prevent dryness, frizzy hair, and hair damage. Trying various hair masks, conditioners and oil massages can help you nourish and moisturize your hair. Hair oil massages could boost your hair and scalp health while making you feel relaxed. You can try Beauty Garage’s Shea Retention treatment, developed to specifically nourish, moisture, and repair your hair.

4. Use good quality hairbrush
Practice using good quality hairbrushes. Use the one with nylon or natural boar bristles for detangling and evenly distribute natural oils to your hair.

5. Choose the right shampoo
Using random shampoo products can damage your hair. you should switch to mild, hydrating shampoo and conditioners for regulating your hair health. To avoid any harsh ingredients like sulfates, alcohol, etc. If you face severe scalp issues, you should switch to a medicated shampoo or our Shea Retention Shampoo and conditioner. A sensitive scalp needs safe and non-toxic shampoo and conditioner to prevent from further damage.

6. Avoid heating tools
Excessive use of heating tools on high heat settings can cause severe damages. Ageing hair requires a mild hairstyling regime. It is advisable to use heating tools little to less or if you can’t avoid heating tools, you should keep it to the lowest heat temperature.

7. Hairsprays- A big “No”
Avoid using hair sprays, it contains ethanol and other alcohols that damage your hair. Each and every hairstyling product that provide a stronghold have high alcohol content, so remember to steer clear from those. To manage tangled and frizzy hair, you can use aloe gel, or try our Shea Retention Treatment.

alcohol content, so remember to steer clear from those. To manage tangled and
frizzy hair, you can use aloe gel, or try our Shea Retention Treatment.

8. Handle your hair gently
As your hair age, they demand extra care & attention. Instead of dressing your hair in tight hairdo, you should try relaxed hairstyles. Use silk cloth or scarf to cover your hair and try switching to silk pillowcase to avoid friction.

9. Intensive cleaning
Hair products in the market leave a residue and causes buildup. This buildup of products can lead to tangling & hair fall. Try using Beauty Garage’s Shea Retention Treatment’s Shampoo & Conditioner to clear the product build up and nourish your hair.

10. Try washing your hair less
Frequent hair was can strip your hair of natural oils and dry them out. This may lead to frizz, breakage & tangling. You should try cutting down your hair wash days to twice per week. Use shampoo & conditioner that nourishes and restores the damage, like Shea Retention Shampoo & Conditioner. It seeps deep inside the cortex layer of the hair and helps you nourish and revive your hair.

11. Don’t Brush your hair, when wet
no matter what hurry you are in, avoid brushing your hair while they are wet. Wet hair, when combed, stretches, resulting in weaker hair. The hair becomes brittle and could break easily. Use a wide-toothed comb after your hairs are air dried, to detangle them.

12. Microfiber towels are a boon to the ageing hair

After showers & hair wash, don’t rub your hair with normal towels. Damaged wet hair may fall off due to rigorous rubbing and are prone to damage. Rubbing your hair with ordinary towels can also cause structural damage to your hair. Do not rub your wet hair with cotton or other towels. Instead, use a microfiber towel to wrap your hair. Microfiber towels are soft on your hair and rapidly absorb excess water. These hair care tips might help you manage your ageing hair



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