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How to treat your curls

Mostly, everyone loves the curls but runs the other way when it comes to taking care of curly hair. Curly hair gives you a spotlight, and it brings on tonnes of compliments, but it kills to manage it. We understand how you might always feel that your curls are getting coarse, dry, and tangled and so, here’s a hair care manual for you to take care of your curls. With good hair care and the right efforts, it is easy to keep your curls in check.
Below are a few tips and tricks on how to treat your curly hair easily.

How to care for your curls

1. Choose the right shampoo
The first right step is washing your hair. It is the most important step in any hair care routine. Washing your hair with the right shampoo assures you zero dust, an appropriate amount of oil, and less to zero product build-up to your scalp. Using a toxin-free, mild shampoo that is free of chemicals like sulfates, silicons, and parabens that can irritate your scalp is the right way ahead. Sulfates are foaming agents that enable your shampoo to lather up, while parabens are used as preservatives. Switching to a mild shampoo with a sulfate & paraben-free formula will do more good for your curls.

2. Anything in excess is bad
Dry hair is one of the major problems for curls, choosing to wash your hair frequently will result in drying your hair even more. Try cutting down the frequency of hair care and look for a conditioner that has moisturizing ingredients. A good conditioner makes sure that your hair is moisturized and sealed, protecting your hair from further damage.

3. Say “No” to brushing your hair
Brushing our hair is part of your day-to-day practices, but with curly hair, it might be a problem. Avoid the urge to frequently brush your hair and if you do, try using a wide-toothed comb before the shampoo. Post-shampoo, try simply running your finger through your hair. Try avoiding the use of a brush on wet hair as they are weak and more prone to damage.

4. Style but with care
The only problem with styling your hair is the usage of heat styling tools. Heating tools rid your hair of the natural texture of your curls, making them dull. Try cutting down the use of heating tools or using them on a lower heat setting and using a heat protectant to protect your hair from excess heat.

5. Wide-toothed comb is a boon
We suggest this to everyone out there with curls. A wide-toothed comb is a blessing in disguise to detangle your frizzy hair. Comb your curls with bottom-to-top strokes and remove any knots. Each strand of your curly hair holds a potential breaking point, managing them kindly by being gentle is the right way to brush your hair. The wrong hair comb could deal a lot of damage to your hair texture and your hair.

6. Curls go well with cold water
Cold water is good for rinsing your hair. Hot water strips off natural oils from your curly hair. It opens up the layer of hair-cuticle, making your hair prone to frizz and damage. Cold water is the best way to go while you are rinsing your curly hair.

7. Get your hair trimmed
Trimming your curls rids you of many problems that may occur. Getting your hair trimmed every 45-50 days helps your hair by removing split ends and damaged hair. Curls need to look fresh and feel healthy all the time.

8. Sleep Routine
Your sleeping positions and patterns affect your hair too. Try piling up your hair into a bun or loosely tied ponytail. By doing this, you will make sure that there is zero to no friction between your hair and your pillow. For better care, switch to satin or silk pillowcases, which will be a great help to your help in reducing the friction between your hair and the pillow.

9. Hair Oil
Hair oils were and will be the most basic hair care. No matter what’s your hair type, the general rule of hair care includes oiling your hair. Hair oil boosts blood circulation and promotes healthy hair. You can try Beauty Garage‚Äôs Shea Hair oil, specially formulated to nourish, moisturize and de-frizz your hair.

Don’ts for your curls
Avoid washing your curls every day.
Avoid using cotton pillows to reduce friction.
Try cutting down the use of heating tools.
Avoid tight ponytails.
Choose the right hair care products.
Don’t compare your curls with straight hair

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