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How to treat your hair with Shea Retention Treatment on your own

Earlier, we talked about the benefits of Shea Butter for your hair. It truly is a wonder ingredient to treat your hair better but with so many products in the industry, how and what can you use to rejuvenate your damaged hair and transform them into a flawless lock of luster?
Don’t worry, we have something in store for you. Beauty Garage has uniquely formulated a moisture retention treatment innovated to repair, rejuvenate, and revitalize your hair. A formula that is developed using the magical conditioner from mother nature –

Shea Retention Treatment.

To apply and use the Shea Retention treatment, it is important to know what Shea Retention Treatment Comprises.

Shea Retention Shampoo
It is a color-safe shampoo that softens your hair with naturally rich Keratin from Shea Oil. The amino acid-infused solution improves hair texture and strength while leaving it velvety soft, healthier, and radiant.

Shea Retention Conditioner
It softens your hair like no other product and forms a protective coating that helps to seal split ends. The formula contains oil extracts that revitalize and improve the texture of your hair, while amino acids give strength.

Shea Retention Butter
Shea butter is made from handpicked Shea nuts. A derived solution that heals, repairs, and rejuvenates your hair from roots to tips. It contains vitamins A, E, and F, as well as amino acids and keratin, which stimulate the development of important proteins that soften, nourish, and strengthen hair.

Shea Hair Oil
Shea Oil is a natural source of keratin for hair repair. Shea Oil coats your hair, leaving it silky soft, lustrous, and hydrated. It contains vitamins and amino acids that enter hair cuticles to repair and renew your hair from roots to tips. Our one-of-a-kind recipe is extremely light and readily absorbed.

Shea Injector
Shea injector is the outcome of extensive research by extracting the top layer of Shea Butter. This layer is rich in natural keratin, amino acids, and proteins. Our exclusive faultless hair solution also includes specific polymers that provide comprehensive, intense treatment for nourishing and restoring your hair from roots to tips.
Now that we have a brief about what Shea Retention Treatment has, we can move
further ahead on how to use it in treating your hair and repairing damaged hair.

How To Apply
You start with cleansing your hair, wash your hair with Shea retention shampoo to remove build-up from the cuticle, then rinse well to remove the shampoo. Now comes the time to introduce you to the Heating Cap.

Firstly you place a shower cap and top that with the Shea retention heating cap.The heating effect of the heating cap enhances the treatment’s penetration into the hair strands. This will prepare your hair for the Shea treatment. With the heating cap on high temperature, your cuticles will inflate your cuticles and lock in the moisture.

The Shea injector is a fantastic addition to the Shea series. It is derived from the top layer of shea butter and is high in natural keratin, amino acids, and proteins, which help you repair and nourish your hair. The right technique for using the Shea injector is to spritz some water on clean hands and then rub some Shea injectors until it lathers up. This is applied to the damaged end of your hair

While you wait for the injector to sink in, mix the Shea retention butter with Shea oil in an eco-friendly bowl with a spatula that comes along with Shea Retention Treatment. The next thing in order is to apply this mixture equally to each region of your hair and massage it for 10-15 minutes while it repairs, revitalizes, and nourishes your hair from root to tip. The Shea retention treatment lasts around 60-90 minutes. However, the focused AIS technology extends its life. AIS Technology is a focused strategy that focuses
on certain damaged regions of your hair. All the ingredients in Shea Retention Treatment are encapsulated in micro form and are protected by a layer of gelatin.
This layer breaks open during delivery when it is needed at the damaged area in a sustained manner, and all active chemicals are released even after several hours of treatment when compared to other hair spas and rituals, This allows Shea Retention treatment to last up to 12 to 15 washes with the right aftercare products (Shea shampoo, conditioner, butter, and oil)

After these steps, you again use the Shea retention heating cap again after 15 minutes of rigorous massage. Put on the shower cap first, then the heating cap. Use it for 25 minutes at high temperatures to help the treatment penetrate better. Once you feel the treatment is evenly absorbed, rinse the hair again with Shea shampoo followed by a small amount of Shea conditioner, and leave it on for 1-2 minutes. After thoroughly cleansing your hair, towel dry it and massage a bit of Shea oil. Follow it with a quick blow dry and your hair is ready!
Now you know how to apply Shea Retention Treatment on your own. Get past the saloon hassle and treat your hair right with Shea Retention Treatment at your home and see your hair transform in no time



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