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Beauty Garage Botoliss Biotin Shampoo 300ml & Biotin Mask 200ml Pack


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This chemical-free shampoo is enriched with collagen, biotin and protein. It restores and strengthens hair fibers by providing a fresh, supple, and lustrous look all day. Suitable for all types of chemically treated hair.

Biotin Shampoo Product Benefits

  1. Sulphate-free formula
  2. Restore hair fibers, and reinforce hair
  3. Rich in collagen, 6% biotin and keratin
  4. Improves elasticity and adds shine
  5. Reduces Dandruff / prevents hair loss
  6. Replenishing Moisture and Nutrition
  7. Color-safe formula
  8. 75% less breakage 92% less visible split ends 20x smoother hair

BG Botoliss Biotin Mask is enriched with Collagen, Keratin, and biotin providing the hair with a sustained glow while maintaining an optimal moisture. This powerful formula revitalizes weak and brittle hair, visibly smoothing it. Additionally, the combination of various natural extracts collaborates to shield the hair from damage and prevents split ends, leaving the hair with resilient supple, and lustrous glow.

Biotin Hair Mask Product Benefits

  1. Made with 3 natural oils, 5 Natural Extracts
  2. Improves Hair Texture and Elasticity & Instant Shine
  3. Repair hair fibers and fill in the hair cavities
  4. Contains 3 strengthening ingredients
  5. Active collagen, evaporating and penetrating technology
  6. 25x smoother hair and 80% less breakage


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