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Styling your hair with Shea Retention Series

You probably don’t need a reminder, but the festive season is right around the corner and our festivities are mad stressful. You are always stuck between the errands for getting everyone perfect surprises for everyone and restocking & hoarding the stuff you would need. Meanwhile, you forget about the most important thing of all – your hairstyle. What will be your go-to hairstyle that makes you look stunning at the same time makes you feel comfortable? 

Worry not, Beauty Garage is here to make you look absolutely gorgeous with flawless hairstyles and hair care products that would add more shine to your groovy hairstyles. 

Classic Fishtail Braid

it’s always fun to try out new hairstyles and change your look now and then. If you’re looking for something a little more unique than a casual ponytail, we recommend a Classic fishtail braid for your next outing. This will absolutely make you fall in love with your hair.

This style looks best with textured hair with a smooth and glossy feel. Wear this for your holiday outings and see the world whirl around you, and for this to happen, our Shea Retention Series would do wonders. It’s not just an ordinary treatment, it is formulated with the goodness of Shea Butter. It heals and smoothness your hair while adding texture and nourishing them from root to tip.

Messy Pulled Back Curls

Curly hair? Well, that’s not a problem at all. Curly hair can be styled in many fancy ways to make you look gorgeous, but they do take a toll on your hair too as majorly hairstyles for curly hairs involve hairstyling tools to add texture and hold your hair fit for the style. These hairstyling tools cause a lot of damage to your hair and damaged hair would not suit you on your festive days, trust us. 

So for these extremely damaging hairstyling tools, you could try our Shea Range. It is a magic formula curated with Shea nuts and other exotic ingredients that protect your hair from heat damage and heals the damage caused while smoothening your hair with the richness of Shea Butter. 

Jasmine Fishtail Braid

 This could be your ultimate go-to hairstyle to go with your favorite outfit. Jasmine Fishtail Braid brings Class, elegance, and an oh-so-smooth – feeling to your hair. Jasmine Fishtail Braid is the best hairstyle to wear if it’s the vibe that you’re going for. This looks pretty complicated and as if it would take hours, but actually, it’s super simple and takes less than 5 minutes.

Shea Series with Jasmine Fishtail could add some texture to your hair and help you recover from the damage caused by hair sprays used for this style. It would not only help you heal but also prevent your hair from damage while moisturizing your hair. 

Curled Edges 

You would like something quick, something in a zap of seconds just right before getting ready, right? Well, this is it, Curled Edges! This basic style is ideal for those last-minute getting-ready routines.

This style is perfect for a casual day with a simple look for hanging out with friends. All you need is a round brush, a blow-dryer, and 5 minutes of your time after you step out of the shower.

The Sleek/Messy Ponytail

A wee bit messy and a whole lot of sleek, What do you think? A sleek/Messy Ponytail is the most subtle, most easy hair you could go for this festive season. Simply tie your hair back into a ponytail and use a curling iron to add swirls to a few loose strands for a tidy yet elegant look. 

A curling iron might sound the alarm to a part of you that cares for your hair health, but We have something for you that would let you groove your hair in style. 

Shea Retention series, the latest innovation in the hair care industry, builds your hair stronger while healing and repairing damaged parts. It is backed with state-of-the-art technologies like targeted approach, AIS Technology, and Sustained Release. Shea formula is aimed at the damaged parts of your hair, healing and nourishing them and covering them with a layer to protect and prevent your hair from heat damage.

This Diwali, get the groove on with the latest and trendy hairstyles with Shea Series formulated by Beauty Garage to treat your hair right and prevent and repair damages done to your hair. 

Treat your hair better, treat your hair right with Beauty Garage 

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