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Taming frizz the right way

Frizzy hair is one of the most prominent concerns for almost all of us. It makes managing your hair much more difficult and even when you resort to anti-frizz products, the problem doesn’t seem to go away. When paired with scorching summer days, frizzy hair seems to take away all your charm. But you can’t just quit on it, right? You should take preventive steps to rid your hair of frizz. You obviously want to start with taking care of your locks, but can’t seem to figure out the first step. Worry not, Beauty Garage is here with a secret guidebook to cure your frizz problems. At the end of this blog, you would have many ways how you can rid of frizz, and along with that, you would have a secret hair care product that will absolutely minus the frizz and add extra luster to your hair.  

Frizz is just like plant roots, It reaches out to the closest source of water in the air. This causes your hair to frizz up and ruin your good hair day and since we can’t strip off the moisture from the hair, what you can do is give enough moisture to your hair, so it does not have to go looking for it.

We consulted our team of experts at Beauty Garage and came up with a few hair care tips that could help you tame the frizz.

1) A haircut is not just so you could look smart

A haircut helps your hair get better, and you wouldn’t possibly know this.   

Start with a haircut, it helps you get rid of split ends. Split ends in hair can lead to more damage, causing your hair to be more frizzy, so it’s for the best to get a haircut when you observe too much fraying. If you reside in a place where it is humid all the time, then it’s best to get a haircut with less sharp edges with blunt lines. This helps your hair weigh down and keep it low.

2) Too hot, too bad 

Hot showers and not only bad for you, but it also takes a huge toll on your hair too. It might feel relaxing, but we would recommend taking mild or cold showers. High temperatures can swell up your cuticles, which means your hair will demand more moisture. 

Take it down a notch, too hot is not so good, so take showers with mildly hot water and see how your hair responds to this change.

3) Use a wise shampoo 

Shampoos with high alcohol do the same to your hair. It dehydrates your hair, just like what it does to your body. Instead, try using products that are rich in hydrating your hair. Frizzy hair shampoos come with special ingredients which hydrate and at the same time retain extra moisture by creating a protective layer over the strands. 

4) Conditioner is the key condition 

Conditioners do much more good to your hair when used alone. It’s not necessary to always shampoo your hair. Shampoos strip away essential oils and moisturizers from your hair. What you can resort to is cleansing your hair with shampoo and conditioner and next time just use conditioner. This will lock in the natural moisture in your hair, but be aware to only use conditioners on your hair and not the roots to steer clear of oily scalp.

5) Hair masks are good 

If your frizz is severe, you ought not to ignore it. You should take this matter seriously and work up your hair with a moisturizing hair mask at least once a week. Essential oils can also do the trick. Try using hair oils and a hair mask to keep your hair nourished and moisturized. 

6) Friction is your hair’s enemy 

Messing around with your hair after showers is just good in the movies. The excruciating towel rubs deal havoc on your hair, it deranges your hair. Instead, try tying your hair in a towel bun, it protects your hair from rigorous rubbing and caused friction. Friction causes frizz, so it is better to steer clear of ways that could bring extra friction to your hair. While combing your hair, we would recommend using a wide-toothed comb and tying your hair in a loose bun every time you tie your hair to cause less friction. You can also resort to switching your pillowcase from cotton cases to silk pillowcases as they are good for your hair and causes less friction. 

7) Put a heat shield on

We are not saying you should totally lay off heating tools, but try using it on rare days. Minimize the usage of heating tools and when you are determined to, try using a heat protectant to save your hair from damage dealt by the heating tools. 

8) Use curls to your advantage 

Curly hairs can be used to your advantage. You probably hate blow-dryers, but with a little attachment, you can do wonders for your frizzy hair. Just add a diffuser to your blow-dryer and run it along your hair from root to tip. The diffuser doesn’t toss your hair around. It dries up your hair without creating chaos and not fraying them 

9) Brush away 

After you are done with your styling, there might still be some frizz. To set your hair, spray some alcohol-free hair spray. Follow that with brushing your hair with a close bristles hairbrush to lock each hair in its place, giving you perfect hair all day. 

10) Botoplexx Treatment 

Botoplexx is an advanced smoothing, repairing, and realigning treatment specifically formulated for over-processed and damaged hair. It provides protein and works against hair breakage from inside the cortex layer of the hair. One of the key ingredients in Botoplexx reduces frizz and gives your hair semi-permanent straightened hair while healing and repairing your hair.


After long and intensive care of your hair, you could lead your hair to a frizz-free lock of luster. Treat your hair right by taking the necessary precautions, care, and the right hair care products with Beauty Garage.

Be you, Beautiful you 

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